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Gen-i is introducing a new way of delivering mobile customer services that will help unleash the potential of new mobility technologies for New Zealand businesses and government agencies.

Gen-i Media Release:

The upcoming changes are the result of a strategic review Gen-i undertook to ensure its customer services are structured to meet the rapidly evolving mobility needs of clients in the new digital environment.

Over the coming months, Gen-i will migrate transactional mobile business to a new online service tool that will provide clients with faster transaction times, greater visibility and control, and a single point for management of their mobile fleet.

In addition to the online service tool, a new team combining in-house and partner expertise will provide hands-on support and advice to help clients mobilise their business, and gain competitive advantage from Gen-i’s suite of mobility solutions.

Gen-i GM Corporate Clients, Steve Mills, is championing the project, and he says the changes will help clients tap into the benefits of new mobility technologies, and support Gen-i in becoming a more streamlined, agile and competitive business.

“By moving to a more efficient and effective service model, we can improve the customer service experience, support our clients on their mobility journey and also become a lot more competitive in the mobile market,” says Mills.

“The market has shifted from being simply about the provision of mobile connections and handsets. By leveraging our advanced digital network, the Cloud, mobile applications and ICT services, we can enable our clients to do business and deliver services to their customers on whatever device they want, whenever and wherever they want it. This capability unleashes impressive productivity, cost reduction and growth benefits.”

“As an extension of our in-house centre of expertise, our nationwide mobility partner will play a key role in helping our clients leverage mobility for competitive advantage. I’m very pleased to confirm we have entered into discussions with Leading Edge as our preferred provider for this critical role,” says Mills.

“We acknowledge that this will be a significant change for our clients, staff and business partners, so will be working closely with all parties to phase in the new model gradually over the coming year.”

Gen-i will begin transitioning services from next month, with all clients expected to be utilising the new online service tool and mobility support services before the end of this year.

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