The case for personalising your marketing

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Personalising your marketing efforts can improve their effectiveness.

A stellar product or service without the proper marketing to back it up is like a car without wheels. You could have the most brilliant idea in the world but if you can’t generate the right level of attention from customers (old and new) then you won’t ever really get moving.

There are a lot of moving parts to any given market strategy. You need to appeal to your audience on a variety of levels, from on-site promotions, to interesting blog content, to social media posts. All of these avenues require different types of tactics to achieve maximum efficiency.

Marketing effectively requires reaching your customers on a lot of different platforms in a variety of ways. Marketing effectively requires reaching your customers on a lot of different platforms in a variety of ways.

One of the most effective marketing tools in the game today is personalisation. Customers love when their brands remember them. Whether this is in the form of greeting them by name or tailoring promotions to fit past browsing history – businesses that employ personalisation as a part of their marketing approach have considerable success. Consider this: according to Adobe, 80 per cent of businesses using personalised content reported a spike in company revenue.

What is personalisation?

Personalisation in marketing really translates to targeted advertising. Advances in marketing tech and channels allows businesses to better understand what customers are visiting their site, what they are doing there and how they interact with a brand. These insights are all available for leaders to leverage in their marketing tactics.

With personalisation, companies use this info to customise messages to their audience. The levels of personalisation vary but the bottom line is that this marketing tactic is how businesses show their customers that they remember them – a crucial selling point in a world where consumers increasingly want relationships with their brands.

Personalisation in marketing really translates to targeted advertising.

Why does it work?

These tactics are hyped up for good reason. Adobe’s 2015 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey found that businesses with high-level personalisation efforts achieved conversion rates 4.5 percent higher than the average business.

So why exactly is personalisation so effective? Well, for starters, personalised content helps businesses stand out in a considerably saturated marketplace. Consider how much content is posted online in a single day. Amidst this flood of material wouldn’t you be more likely to stop and look at something that addressed you by name?

It also plays into the customer preference for brand relationships. Customers don’t want to just purchase a product from you, they want to form a connection. Getting to know them and showcasing this in your marketing efforts helps build up these bonds.

Personalisation helps marketers build stronger content resulting in better lead generation and more sales. It is an important element of any marketing strategy.

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