Is sales a science or an art?

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Are exceptional salespeople artists or scientists?

It’s no secret that sales has gone through a transformative period over the past decade. The introduction of new technologically-focused processes has flipped the switch on commonly accepted notions about what it takes to sell.

Not too long ago, sales was built 100 per cent on relationships. It was all about who you knew and how you could access them. The entrance of technologies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms has turned the sales process into more of a science – wherein sales reps need to be able to leverage technology and consumer information to land the sale.

The entrance of these new technologies has sparked an internal debate among sales professionals. Are modern sales processes more of a science or an art? Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin.

Are modern sales processes more of a science or an art?


The science of sales comes down to the way in which salespeople can leverage CRM software to gain better understanding of where a given customer is in the sales process.

Today, by simply entering a name into the CRM a professional can access information about where a user is in the sales cycle and what their interactions with the brand have typically been.

This technical information makes selling a given product a much more tailored and targeted practice – a crucial element of an exceptional customer experience.


While technology continually changes the way we approach customer interactions, one thing remains the same: Relationships drive everything we do.

You can have the perfect calculations and all the right data but if you can’t form a connection with a prospect the chances of cinching a sale (let alone retaining a long-term customer) are slim.

Creating these bonds between brands and consumers is an important skill to master. Sales professionals need to be able to hear a customer and respond to them intuitively in a way that provides a meaningful experience – this is where the art of sales comes in.

The perfect sales approach is a fusion of both art and science. The perfect sales approach is a fusion of both art and science.

A perfect fusion

The answer isn’t one or the other, it’s a fusion of both. Sales is about merging the science with artful intent – leveraging the information you have available to you and creating a message that is personalised to your prospect.

“It has to feel like art while remaining rooted in science, something I call ‘Calculated Spontaneity,'” explained Isaac Pellerin, Channel Marketing Manager at US sales company Octiv.

“You have to understand your audience and know where you’re going while being responsive to their needs as you receive feedback throughout the buying process.”

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