Leading Edge operates Spark Business Hub sales channel

Spark Business has 29 hubs across New Zealand operates within defined geographical territories, offering small to medium businesses a localised service with a dedicated local Hub to support their individual needs.

Since the Business Hubs’ launch in 2010, Leading Edge has owned and been operating 7 Business Hubs (under licence to Spark) while providing prime support to an additional 3 independently-owned Business Hubs.

Our strong focus on understanding small to medium businesses’ needs ensures that our teams tailor the right communication tools and technology solutions for our clients’ businesses. We provide one convenient point of contact for all our SME customers’ business communication needs.

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Spark Business and Leading Edge Partnership

Spark Business and Leading Edge have worked in successful partnership for three years with Leading Edge operating ten localised Business Hubs across New Zealand. We are a key part of Spark Business Hubs delivering a whole-of-business solutions to SME businesses nationwide. The client experience that our SME businesses receive from our front line Leading Edge Spark Business Hubs staff reflects our award winning workplace culture. Our teams represent the Spark Business brand in delivering whole-of-business telecommunication services to New Zealand businesses nationwide.

Our role in this partnership is operating the local Business Hubs for Spark, delivering outstanding client experience and excellent sales performance. We closely partner Spark in working towards common B2B acquisition and retention goals.

Our account managers are focussed on understanding their customer’s business needs through one-on-one conversations at the customers’ premises at a time that’s convenient to the customer, so to tailor the right communication solution.

With constant technology updates and changing factors that influence businesses, we provide regular tech checks to ensure our customers have the right broadband, landline, mobile and web solution.

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At a friend’s recommendation, I called Spark to help with setting up our business. I spoke to Vincent at the Auckland Business Hub. He sounded like the sort of person that understood exactly what we were looking for. Vincent’s approach and determination to make the extra effort really impressed me and his personal undertaking that if there were any issues he would be there to help us through it. I thought he was very genuine about that so we changed.

There were a few hiccups with the changeover, but Vincent and the team dealt with every issue calmly and professionally. Vincent deserves a big pat on the back, he is doing a great job for your brand and his service is excellent. I look forward to dealing with him if the need arises in the future.

Laurie Collins, Westhaven Marina, Auckland

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