Leading Edge is Spark Digital’s nationwide sales channel partner

Spark Digital brings together data and telecommunications services to provide total end-to-end information and communications technology solutions for business and government across New Zealand and Australia.

Leading Edge performs whole-of-business sales service and support for Spark Digital’s lower corporate clients nationwide, and the mobility specialist role in supporting nationwide clients in the mid-corporate segments.

Our partnership reflects the cultural alignment of our people, processes and technology.

Our partnership is built on trust and integrity

Spark Digital and Leading Edge Partnership

Leading Edge enhances the Spark Digital client experience and support performing the roles of nationwide mobility specialists across Spark Digital’s mid-corporate segments and delivering their whole-of-business ICT proposition across lower corporate clients.

Hugh McKellar (Head of Marketing, Spark Digital) explores the partnership between Leading Edge and Spark Digital, the key components and values of the sales channel partnership, and the benefits that this partnership brings to Spark Digital. He highlights what Spark Digital enjoys about working with the Leading Edge team, the added value we bring to the Spark Digital proposition, and the value our front line sales teams are being a part of an award winning culture.

One of the components of this partnership is supporting the Spark Digital client proposition through service proposition development. In our fulfilment of this, we developed and established a comprehensive Mobile Fleet Management service that complements Spark Digital’s mobility proposition to clients.

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Mobile Fleet Management

What is your organisation doing to proactively manage mobile costs?

Our Fleet Management solution removes all the complexity of mobile fleet management from your business environment whilst driving down the costs associated with mobility through proactive mobile expense management.

Reduce the burden in managing your mobile fleet and maximise your return on investment in mobile.

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Leading Edge is a key part of our ability to deliver our ICT proposition to our clients nationwide. Our partnership is built on trust and integrity, and aligning our shared values. Our support comes from our tightly aligned businesses where we leverage each others’ capability, and it’s fantastic to be working with an organisation that is recognised as one of the best places to work in NZ.

Head of Marketing, Spark Digital

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