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Proactively manage your business mobile cost

Mobility Fleet Management

Our solution removes all the complexity of mobile fleet management from your business environment whilst driving down the costs associated with mobility through proactive mobile expense management.

Maximise the return on your investment

Device Lifecycle Management


Device lifecycle management is end-to-end management of all your business mobility assets, from procurement to decommissioning – with expert support delivered by a dedicated service desk for both the asset and the user.

The end-to-end device lifecycle solution maximises the return on your technology investment and maintains the productivity of your users.


We manage the entire device and connection on boarding process through our managed Service Desk.

We apply your business rules and policies to every order. Our National Staging and Distribution centres deliver exceptional next day SLAs as a standard. Devices can be pre-configured to suit your specific company requirements.


We manage all your business mobile queries.

Your entire loan and repair process through to a Hot Swap model that immediately replaces faulty devices with new/recycled devices to reduce the downtime the end user experiences. Our asset management tool protect your investment in mobile devices and tracks them from provision to decommission.


We proactively control the decommission process.

We organise the disconnection and return of mobile device and recycle where applicable. To ensure the security of your IP on mobile devices during this off boarding process, devices are contained, cleansed or shut down as soon as it is required.

Reduce the burden in managing your mobile fleet and maximise your return on investment in mobile.

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Time to stop bill shock?

Expense Management


What is your organisation doing to proactively manage mobile costs?

Our Expense Management solution operates to two key principles that proactively drive mobile cost out of your business.

• Daily monitoring usage before it becomes a cost

• Visibility of expenses that drive a change in behaviour


Proactive usage & optimisation

Traditionally spend or usage is only addressed after it has happened (when highlighted through the billing and reporting each month).

Our Fleet Management solution, through daily usage monitoring, attempts to discover the usage as/before it happens and take action to avoid them becoming a cost.


Visibility drives behaviour

Having visibility at the center of the Leading Edge expense management approach enables the production of reports to every layer of accountability within an organisation.

Our reports are tailored specifically to what a user needs to know and needs to action and are presented in an easy to understand Dashboard style. We highlight unwarranted or non business spend to both the end user and management.

We understand that maintaining your billing platforms with the pace of change in your mobile environment is extremely difficult so we manage and maintain your billing information in real time with a high degree of accuracy.

Proactively manage your usage before it becomes a cost

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