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Leading Edge New Zealand is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian-based Leading Edge Group Ltd

We are a diversified business with interests in telecommunications, technology services and various buying groups across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With a strong presence in the telecommunications and ICT market, we partner with the market leading providers in Australia, New Zealand and UK to sell to, and service, customers in this highly specialised field.

We have the people, the distribution, the track record, the technology capability and the commitment

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Leading Edge Group delivers business services to over 1500 independent retail buying group members across multiple business sectors and provide significant buying, marketing and back office services for their members.


Leading Edge Group


Buying group, Electronic Enterprises, was set up to help independent retailers achieve a much higher level of purchasing power and to access training and information more effectively than ever before.

Members of the Leading Edge family were able to achieve more than could otherwise be done by acting alone, without sacrificing their unique identity, business style or culture.


Initially focusing on the home theatre market, it soon became apparent that the business model that had been applied so successfully to one market could quite easily be delivered to other vertical markets.

A diverse range of independently successful buying groups consolidated under the brand name of the Leading Edge Group, making it one of the largest retail entities in Australia.


Leading Edge Group now includes over 1350 stores across Australia, UK and New Zealand and is now best described as a buying and promotional support group.

We leverage the strength of the combined value of many small businesses, uniting the buying and marketing power of individuals. This combined power is used to improve the bottom line profitability for each member, creating advantages for independents that assist in the development of sustainable businesses.

Our New Zealand Enterprise

Leading Edge New Zealand


Leading Edge entered the Kiwi market in the telecommunications field and we have been an exclusive dealer for Spark New Zealand (formerly Telecom) since 2004.

We began with 15 Spark retail and business outlets and have grown to become the largest independent dealer partner for Spark.

We operate across all segments including consumer retail, B2B outbound business hubs and in the corporate market supporting Spark Digital (formerly Gen-i).


We entered into a joint venture with Kodak to manage the Kodak Express Programme, which we have continued to support throughout Kodak’s highly publicised challenges in the US.


We entered into a joint venture with Kodak to manage the Kodak Express Programme, which we continued to support throughout Kodak’s highly publicised challenges in the US. The relationship ended in 2014 due to Kodak’s global restructure.

Continued the development of our sales channel growth with the introduction of our new partner n3 Business Buying Power (formally GSB – Government Stores Board).


February saw our launch of Unified Business Solutions (UBS) our new ICT offering to the market in partnership with Orb and Phones 4 U. UBS delivers end-to-end reliable and effective I.T. solutions for small to medium-size New Zealand businesses, taking care of technology so SME can focus on their businesses.

Late February marked Spark Digital’s announcement that they are introducing a new way of delivering mobile customer services that will help unleash the potential of new mobility technologies for New Zealand businesses and government agencies. As an extension of their in-house centre of expertise, Leading Edge was chosen as their preferred provider for this critical role, and we proudly became the sole dealer for Spark Digital across New Zealand.

In 2015, we introduced the Putti Platform sales channel. We now run the nationwide SME sales channel for Putti with a business acquisition team.



We continue to deliver on our partners’ growth strategies, being an intricate part of their business, and expanding our portfolio of sales channel partners.

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