Our Values

We have a strong and caring culture at Leading Edge

Our values guide our actions, reflect who our people are and how we do business. We believe in what we do and work as a team to achieve the best results. Our values reflect our dynamic attitude and willingness to adapt to stay at the leading edge.

We turn up, roll up our sleeves, and we do our best to be the best

Our values are a great way of getting a flavour of our business. They are what guide our actions and mean everything to us; we want our people to instinctively emulate them.

Our values reflect who our people are and how we do business.

We recognise and reward success!

We believe in what we do and work as a team

We encourage innovation and an environment where people own their performance and achieve their professional aspirations. We reward individual effort and merit, own our successes and fix our failures. We are dynamic and willing to adapt to stay on the leading edge.


Legends Awards, WOW Awards and Challenger of the Month

Our people frequently and consistently go above and beyond for our channel partners, our customers and each other. They produce exceptional results as they take ownership and strive for excellence. In the face of challenges and roadblocks, our people inspire each other by innovating and expanding. On top of our achievements, in our daily work life it’s the people that make the difference – our people show that they care, that people matter, and they love to make each work day fun!

In an environment of constant high achievement, it is easy to take superb performance for granted – so at Leading Edge, in addition to our Top Gun awards, annual Legends Awards event, Love Your Work, Retail Achievers Club and Annual CEO’s Club programmes, our WOW Awards is an employee-driven platform where our teams get together every month to acknowledge, celebrate and reward our people for living our values.